Europeans and Americans

I welcome you all at my blog. The place where you can release your inner hate for that other continent. Because, let us be honest dear Europeans, aren’t you guys sick and tired of those American influences; aren’t our ears bored with another rapper talking about some false ghettos. Doesn’t a McDonald’s make you barf when even thinking of it?
And dear inhabitants of the United States of America, Don’t you want to trash the first thing you see when you think about the cocky Englishmen, thinking they are all upper class, or don’t you hate it when Europeans brag about their high standing culture, when all you know about it is in a porn movie from Germany. And shouldn’t they thank you for saving their bony asses in WO II.
Now it is the time to give the other side a verbal whooping! Don’t hold back now!

“Thanks to Europe vs. America, I got rid of my frustrations; I got a chance to tell those fat-ass Americans that their cars are junk on wheels!”- standing on a freeway with the hood open.

“The most lame thing about Europe is that they don’t have Hooters-restaurants there” – a redneck.

Like, I’m from Amsterdam and I’m going to buy some soft drugs. Oww, I’m sorry, Americans can’t! :-P” – a European guy.

So, let the fun begin and get on the forum.

Keep in mind not to get too rude, both continents contain human beings. If something is posted that could really hurt someone or a community, it will be removed and person will be banned.
The webmaster is not responsible for the posts made on the forum!

latest news

This site is just been put online. I hope that in the next weeks/months, after promoting, this site will have a good amount of visitors, and more important, a big amount of people active on the forum. If have started promoting yesterday and will continue this for weeks. I have also made some pictures which hopely will spread around the internet, promoting my site. You will find these on the forum.

If anyone has questions or hints or any comment on the site, please post it on the forum.
I thank you all for visiting